What does cinematic wedding filmmaking mean?

When we say we are cinematic wedding filmmakers, what we really mean is that our wedding films are not your typical wedding videos, or the kinds of wedding videos your parents or other relatives may have paid for when they got married! Our approach is centered around you as the couple, and your special love story. The romance, the joy, the deep emotions of family and friends who love and support you both. We are visual storytellers who use light and shadows to enhance your imagery, but we also emphasize professional audio elements too. Seeing is one thing, but being able to hear the words said on your wedding day takes your wedding cinema experience to another level!


What should we expect?

The biggest difference between the overall experience you’ll have with us compared to other companies is our attention to detail from the beginning to the end. And when we say “beginning,” we mean how much planning we put into making sure we have a sufficient understanding of what portions of your wedding day are of utmost importance to you both. This will help us more effectively translate that part of your story in an authentic and memorable way for your film. In terms of “the end” this means the post-production process. We spend at least 40 hours, sometimes even double that, on perfecting your cinematic wedding film. We strive to make sure every frame, each sound effect or dialogue spoken, the song(s) we choose as the soundtrack to your film, the colors and aesthetic of the footage, the transitions between shots, the visual effects (if any)--are all of everlasting quality so your film will stand the test of time. What you get with us is a digital heirloom you’ll be proud to watch with those closest to you.

What is your approach to filming?

On the day of your wedding we try to be as unobtrusive as possible. As there are two of us (many other companies only send one shooter and charge extra for a second shooter), one of us will spend time during bridal prep and the other will spend time filming your fiance’s prep too. During the ceremony, we’ll capture multiple angles: at least 3 cameras which means two close-up shots for your vows and one general wide shot from down the aisle. We make sure to mic up all the important people who’ll be speaking as well.

For the most part, we'll be capturing the natural moments as they occur! If you're willing and comfortable, we'll steal you away for a few minutes to film some creative portraiture for your film, but only after you have your post-ceremony photo session. We do this out of respect to your photographer’s creative needs. Of course, we love to incorporate our couples' unique and personal ideas too at any point in the day!!

During the reception, we make sure the lighting looks good for any toast givers as well as your first dance. Along with that, we have multiple audio connections to capture any toastgiver’s words with crisp, professional clarity. We’ll get fun dancing footage, we’ll capture important b-roll of reception details like your cake, your tables/decorations, and we may grab your wedding rings for a cool ring shot to include in the film as well!

We have some creative ideas for our wedding...will you film that?

Absolutely! We offer all our couples an optional pre-wedding creative consultation, whether in person (let’s go to a casual spot you like), or via video chat. We we can discuss any details you want, and how we can help achieve and preserve your wedding vision. We love to hear your ideas, and work closely with your planner and photographer to pull it off and capture every glorious moment!

We go where the job is!! Anything within 60 miles one way from our home base (Lawrenceville, GA), will not incur any travel fees. If applicable, gas money, and potentially hotel stays will be discussed at the time of booking. For destination weddings, we prefer to book our own flights and hotel accommodations, and will adjust our quote to reflect all this.

Will you travel to our wedding?

Our standard turnaround time is six to eight weeks from your wedding date. Speaking of delivery, our pricing includes a Blu-Ray and custom USB drive, as well as online social media hosting (Facebook, YouTube), and HD downloads direct to your own personal computer. Please understand that a lot of other wedding filmmaking studios take anywhere from 3-6 months for just your highlight film to be delivered, but we feel that is not fair whatsoever!! We pride ourselves on swift turnaround :)

How long will it take to receive our films?

To see if we’re available for your wedding date and to view our full a la carte price list, please fill out the contact form below or schedule a chat with us here!

What is the cost?

Generally, we require 50% retainer due when agreement is signed, with the remaining 50% due 30 days prior to your wedding. Editing will not begin until balance is paid in full. Payment plans may be discussed at the discretion of Cinema Jubilee LLC.

Soon after the agreement is signed and the first invoice is paid, we’ll send over our Welcome Packet. As we get closer to your wedding date, you’ll fill out our Questionnaire where we’ll collect all the important details--your timeline, the names of your other vendors, etc. If you’d like to discuss this in person too, we can also schedule a Pre-Wedding Creative Consultation to go over any important elements you want to include.

How are payments set up and what is the booking process like?

We book up pretty fast! Occasionally, we will have room in our calendar for a date that is within three months or so. But generally speaking, to be safe, most couples book at least nine months to 18 months out! We will never double book (two weddings in one day).

How soon should I book your services?

Our happy clients, whose reviews you can read here, rave about the ability to watch their films again and again!!

Where can I read reviews?

Absolutely--by popular demand actually! Our pricing always includes your films on one Blu-Ray and on a custom USB flash drive. Additional discs are available for purchase!

Do you offer Blu-Rays?

What is 4K?

Simply put, 4K future-proofs your wedding film! Most people have at least a 1080p television or viewing device at home. Many actually have a 4K television, but not much content is available in 4K...YET! Cinema Jubilee is ahead of the curve in this respect!! All our cameras are capable of 4K, also known as Ultra-High Definition recording, which means that our footage will have more than four times the amount of resolution as compared to normal high definition (ie 1080p). The best part is that even if you don’t order the 4K upgrade at the time of booking, we can always export your film(s) in 4K later because we film your whole day in 4K. If you don’t order the upgrade, your film will be exported as 1080p, and it’ll actually look a little better than other 1080p films because we filmed it in 4K to begin with. Either way, our unique shooting process benefits the image quality of your wedding footage!

While we feel our creative process and editing style is sure to please all our clients, we understand the desire to have access to all the video and audio we recorded on your wedding day. That’s why your raw footage is always available as an add-on! Because we safely store all your raw footage and audio files at least two years, you can potentially order it at any time. We feel it is only fair that you have the time to recoup your finances, and eventually be able to see even more aspects of your once-in-a-lifetime big day.

Instead of sending you hundreds of bulky 4K files to sort through, which could potentially be an issue for your computer, we put all of raw footage into a single timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro, and then export it into a playable MP4 file. This takes us about half a day. It is then mailed out to you on a secure large-capacity hard drive so you can plug it into your computer for playback. The purchase of Raw footage includes a non-exclusive intellectual copyright license, but this license does not grant you the ability to edit your footage into a new film, or have someone else edit it.  

What about raw footage?


Choosing the soundtrack to your film is a critical aspect of the editing process. We have access to numerous high quality royalty-free music databases, and many of the songs are recorded by talented musicians to whom we pay a license fee to legally use their song(s). The decisions we make musically are based on the kinds of songs we hear being played at your reception, as we do like to mimic your tastes as much as possible. Having said that, our soundtrack choices for any part of your cinematic wedding film is based on our creative expertise and sensibilities, so it must fit your footage and the feel of your story as we tell it. We have pretty good taste, and have never had a previous client complain about the music we selected!

How is music chosen?