Engagement Film: An International Love Story

A Georgia peach and an Australian gentleman, Kim and Hamish actually couldn’t have grown up geographically further away from each other. But fate brought them together on a holiday cruise going around Hawaii. The chemistry between these two was immediately palpable, as both of their families encouraged them both to step outside their comfort zones and pursue each other. The trouble was, both their cruise and this chance encounter, would soon come to an end, and they’d have to return back to their separate corners of the globe.

Knowing how strongly he already felt, Hamish promised to email Kim soon, and she was shocked to have received their first correspondence right when she landed back in Atlanta after the cruise. And so it all began!! The emails soon progressed to more frequent FaceTime conversations and constant communication. And whenever their busy schedules allowed, they each took time off from work to see each other for one or two weeks per visit. Their dedication to each other and overcoming the obstacles of the long distance relationship is what made their love flourish, despite being oceans and hemispheres apart!

Finally, Hamish got some extended time off from his wine business, and has been living with Kim here in Atlanta since he proposed to her in Australia while hiking to see Hansons Peak. Kim definitely didn’t see it coming, but she did have a feeling something was up because at one point she asked him how his brother Dave proposed to his wife. After she said “Yes!” they enjoyed the bottle of wine Hamish had carried in his backpack the whole way!

They’re very excited to be finalizing their wedding planning here in Atlanta, and cannot wait for March when they’ll go back to tie the knot where it all started for them: Hawaii. With their love of travel (they’ve been to many different cities in different countries over the past couple years) and their heartwarming love story, their life journey is only just beginning!!

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